simple flat belly tips - best way to lose belly fat -

When your belly fat stubbornly refuses to give you a moment’s peace, it’s probably time for you to get rid of the pesky belly fat with equal tenacity. The unwanted fat sitting tight in your belly has accumulated over years of misguided choices. Good news is, with some quick and easy daily tips you can melt that stubborn belly fat and finally enjoy a flat belly in no time at all.

The best way to lose belly fat is to adopt these 8 Easy-to-follow everyday ‘flat belly’ tips.

lemon-lime-ice-water is a great way to lose belly fat

1) Befriend water like you cannot last an hour without it, and Mean it.
Carry a go-to bottle of water with you everywhere. Take a sip or two regularly to keep yourself well-hydrated and energized. Remember, thirsty people are prone to reach for sugar laden drinks faster than those who drink enough water. Drinking a glass of water before every meal makes you eat sensible portions of food.

2) Be on the move and stay active through the day.
A desk job is no excuse for staying put at one place for more than 15 minutes at a time. In fact, a day begun with an invigorating walk outdoors is a day won. A dedicated exercise schedule is also a great way to stay on track to reach your flat belly goals.

3) Gym has its benefits, but the kitchen is where you get flat abs. Eat Right.
‘Eat this. Don’t eat that,’ is a simple rule to follow if you are looking for a best way to lose belly fat. Avoid fast foods, fried snacks, carbonated, sugary drinks or treats, and foods that fatten. Fructose due to excess sugar consumption parks oodles of fat in your belly. Restrict carb intake to 50 grams each day. Low carb diet ensures that your body primarily burns fat for fuel. Foods rich in soluble fiber like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and oats is known to reduce belly fat.


4) Eat slowly and savor each bite.
Rushing through a meal often results in indigestion and accumulated fat. Take smaller bites; chew them properly if not a hundred times to ensure less consumption of calories and fewer fat deposits making themselves home in your belly. It takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that it’s full. Give it time and enjoy your food.

5) Starving and skipping meals – Misguided ideas you should drop like a hot potato.
Neither of these two will take you closer to your flat belly dream. They are known to wreak havoc with your metabolism. Not eating is an unhealthy habit that continued over time will result in severe health problems. Cut calories the right way.

6) Exercise regularly. Hit the gym for a full body workout. It’s a team effort.
It is impossible to lose weight in one specific part of the body by ignoring the rest. Your entire body needs to work in tandem to reach a specific goal for healthier results. Even 15 minutes of daily overall workout is enough to make you lose belly fat significantly. Dancing, biking and swimming are great examples of fun exercises.

7) Ignore your weighing scales; stay focused on your specific goal.
Avoid the torture of keeping frequent tabs on highs and lows of your fluctuating weights. When you exercise you gain lean muscle but lose belly fat. You may gain weight and yet lose inches. Keep your weighing to the minimum and focus on the end goal – a slimmer waist line.

8) Looking Slimmer can actually help you lose belly fat.
A good posture with a tucked in tummy, shoulder thrown back, and a head held high shows confidence and makes you feel better and fitter. In addition to making you feel thinner, keeping your stomach firm is an easy and also quite an effective way to tone your abdominal muscles.

Stay committed! Follow these 8 simple tips and you’ll achieve a slimmer waist line in no time. Set a goal to begin with, mark it on your calendar, and get to it with a dedicated plan in mind – what to eat, how much to eat, right exercise with lots of water thrown in. Add persistence to this plan, and you get a true winner!