Practicing Yoga (even for a few minutes a week) can make you more Mentally Alert, Happier and Healthier. You don’t have to do anything super difficult, a few simple yoga poses will do. Here is a easy 20 Minute yoga video that you can do for weight loss.

Here are a few Health and Weight loss Benefits of Yoga

Practicing Yoga a few times a week can help you…

  1. Manage cravings
  2. Improve breathing
  3. Improve energy
  4. Improve mental sharpness
  5. Improve sleep
  6. Lower blood pressure and sugar
  7. Relieve stress
  8. Balance hormones
  9. Reduce joint & back pain
  10. Improve posture
  11. Increase flexibility
  12. Improve blood circulation
  13. Burn calories and much more…


Here are a Couple Recommended Yoga Resources:

1) 20 Minute Yoga Workout Video

2) In-depth Fat Burning Yoga Program that takes you step-by-step, teaching you the proper and most effective yoga poses and workouts for Weight loss, Health, Flexibility and more. It’s truly one of the best yoga programs for weight loss on the market today and is definitely worth checking out.

Yoga Benefits