13 best healthy weight loss snacks to eat

13 Easy and Healthy Weight Loss Snacks

1. Almonds
Put some almonds in a ziplock bag and take them on the go. The high fiber and protein content makes almonds one of the best and most satisfying healthy snacks for weight loss. Just be careful not to overindulge as almonds are relatively high in calories.

2. Apples with some Almond Butter
Slice an apple into bite size wedges and enjoy them with almond butter. While almond butter may not be the popular choice, it’s actually a better one. Containing more fiber, iron and Vitamin E than peanut butter.

3. Bananas
Despite what some people think, bananas can actually help you lose weight. Eating a banana is a great way to provide your body with ample amounts of fulfilling fiber as well as potassium which helps relieve water retention.

berries are a great healthy Snack that can help you lose weight more quickly
4. Berries
Small yet powerful, berries are packed full of much needed antioxidants and fiber. A single cup of raspberries can contain a massive 6g of fiber. Plus, they’re very low in calories. Add a few berries in a morning smoothie or even sprinkle some over your breakfast oatmeal.

5. Cucumbers
Cucumbers are part of the melon family, and as a result contain very similar slimming qualities. Cucumbers are also a natural diuretic, which means eating it relieves water retention as well as bloating within the body.

6. Grapefruit
Grapefruit is among numerous super foods that are both high in fiber and have very few calories (half of a grapefruit has only around 40 calories). The remarkable thing is that grapefruit is among several well-known “negative calorie” foods – meaning it requires more calories to digest it than what already exists in the grapefruit.

7. Watermelon
Not your typical snack but half of a watermelon provides almost two times as much potassium as bananas do, making it one of the best low calorie, high-antioxidant snack that can help in the removal of excess fluids around the body.

8. Natural Yogurt
Pro-biotic yogurt may help relieve bloating as well as any discomfort in the abdominal region, due to the fact that it contains live bacteria which aids in digestion. Go with a low fat option to reduce your calorie intake.

9. Peanuts
Peanuts sometimes get a bad reputation in the weight loss community, but it is actually a very good snack. Eating a small amount as a quick snack can help prevent you from overeating, and in addition give you the healthy protein you need to sculpt a lean, fit stomach.

10. Bell Peppers and Hummus
Peppers and hummus are a super easy healthy snack recipe. Just slice one medium size bell pepper into strips and enjoy it with some hummus.

11. Pineapples
Contain a digestive enzyme that can help ease bloating, settle your stomach, and even relieve heartburn. It’s high in fructose, or natural fruit sugars which can help fend off sweet cravings.

12. Popcorn
Is low in fat, high in fiber and also provides some protein. A single one-ounce serving (about three cups) of air popped popcorn contains almost four grams of protein, four grams of fiber and just over one gram of fat coming in at just 110 calories, making popcorn a great snack.

Sunflower seeds are a healthy and fulfilling snack that can help you lose weight more quickly

13. Sunflower Seeds
For an easy on-the-go snack, grab a handful of sunflower seeds – go for the ones with the shells still on (as seen in the picture above). A little tip that will help limit the amount you eat while also providing you with generous amounts of fulfilling fiber and protein.