It has always been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and rightfully so.  After a full nights rest your body needs to refuel itself for energy lost throughout the night. In addition to refueling your body, a good breakfast is essential in setting the tone for the new day. Research has shown that those who eat a healthy breakfast regularly are more likely to lose weight and make healthier choices throughout the day. Here are 10 tips to make your breakfast a healthier one.


Top 10 Breakfast Tips For Weight Loss

Top 10 healthy breakfast ideas and tips for weight loss.

Tip #1: Don’t Skip Breakfast
With our busy schedules we have a bad habit of skipping breakfast and going for something quick and easy. Skipping breakfast may seem harmless but it only leads to you being hungrier later on, causing binging and going for more quick and unhealthy food choices.

Tip #2: Eat Breakfast to Boost Your Metabolism
After a full night’s rest your body’s metabolic rate slows down to where it burns very little calories, a good nutritious breakfast is essential in giving your metabolism a much needed boost and as a result promote weight loss by burning more calories. Here a list of natural metabolism boosting foods and drinks.

Tip #3: Drink Green Tea Instead of Coffee
Green tea and coffee both contain caffeine but what really separates green tea from coffee is that it contains health benefiting antioxidants along with metabolism boosting and fat burning properties.

Tip #4: Include Fresh Fruits with your Breakfast
Add a side of fresh fruits with breakfast. Fruits can help wake up the sleepy body as well as aid in weight loss by getting rid of excess toxins.

Tip #5: Eat Foods Rich in Fiber
Eating fiber rich foods for breakfast can help fulfill you longer and help reduce further cravings. Apples are a great source of fiber and can be easily incorporated with many weight loss breakfast foods. Fruit fiber also helps clean the colon, leaving you feeling light and refreshed.

Tip #6: Eat Protein for Breakfast
Research has shown that lean protein consumption helps curb the urge to indulge in unnecessary snacks and junk food. Some great sources of the healthiest breakfast protein include Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs and skim milk.

Tip #7: Healthy Granola Alternatives
Cooked in oil and coated in sugar, store bought granola contains excessive amounts of sugar and calories. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw nuts and of course fresh berries are all great healthy alternatives to granola, sprinkle some over a low-fat Greek yogurt for a more nutritious and healthy breakfast food. Here is a list of healthy snacks for weight loss.

Tip #8: Balance Your Breakfast Diet
Starting out your day with a balanced breakfast will set you up for an energetic, focused and productive day. The conventional bowl of cereal or toast will cause your blood sugar levels to rise to unhealthy levels, leaving you feeling tired and week.  A healthy balanced breakfast diet should consist of high fiber, lean protein, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits.

Tip #9: Track Your Portion Sizes
Keeping track of your portion and calorie consumption is just as important as eating a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast. Some healthy breakfast foods may contain a decent amount of calories that without you knowing could be sabotaging your diet and weight loss goals. Make sure to check the calories and set a portion size that will help you achieve your goals.

Tip #10: Shop Breakfast Foods by Calorie labels
Check the labels when buying groceries, breakfast foods can contain a significant amount of unnecessary sugars and calories that may be preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals. Additionally, remove processed foods from your diet as they are high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup which leads to many problems including overrating and weight gain.

Weight loss is not a tough issue to tackle. What makes the journey so difficult is the lack of good knowledge. Try to follow these simple and healthy breakfast ideas everyday. If you would like more weight loss information and tips be sure to get our free weight loss report below.