It can really be depressing when you try to lose weight but after weeks and weeks of dieting and exercising, you still don’t see any results. The reason this may be happening to you is because you are most likely eating ‘Healthy’ foods that are actually slowing down you metabolism and preventing you from losing weight. That’s right! There are so called ‘Healthy’ foods that you think are helping you lose weight when in fact they are actually doing the complete opposite, destroying all your diet and exercise efforts.


Foods That Slow Down Metabolism

Here are the 5 Metabolism Death Foods you need to avoid and take out of your daily diet for a higher metabolism and better fat burning results.

1) Whole Grains
Whole grains contain phytic acid and gluten. Gluten has been shown to slow down the metabolism and cause problems with the digestive system. A good substitute to whole grains would be coconut flour and sprouted grains.

2) Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter contains aflatoxin which can kill off probiotics in your gut, potentially slowing down your metabolism. Almond Butter is a great substitute to peanut butter as it contains an amino acid that can increase your metabolism.

3) Canola Oil
Canola oil causes inflammation in your body, slowing down metabolism. A good substitute to canola oil is grass fed butter.

4) Fruit Juice
Fruit juice is not bad for you, it’s the huge amounts of sugar in it that’s bad for you. A glass of fruit juice (8 Oz) contains around 30 grams of sugar. Compare that to soda which contains 28 grams of sugar. A good alternative drink would be to make your own juice out of fruits and vegetables.

5) Granola
This so called ‘healthy food’ is killing you metabolism as it’s made of whole grains and sugar, both of which are shown above to slow metabolism.


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